Author: By by Clive Young
June 29,2015
The July, 2015 issue of Pro Sound News features a Live Sound Showcase on the current Volbeat world tour; what follows is a longer, extended version of the story than the print edition. Volbeat may have been founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, but the heavy metal band’s hard-charging sound has caught on around the globe—a fact proven by its current world tour, which included a run through arenas and theaters across North America that ended last month. Providing audio for the journey was Denmark-based Victory Tour Production, with support from Montreal-based Solotech; at the controls were FOH engineer Mads Mikkelsen and monitor engineer Kristoffer Hinrichsen, joined by systems tech Theis Romme from Victory, and Étienne Lapré and David Barriault of Solotech.

Author: By by Steve Harvey
June 29,2015
The July, 2015 issue of Pro Sound News profiles recording studio Veneto West; what follows is additional exploration into the facility and mindset of producer, mixer, engineer and recording artist, Ronan Chris Murphy. “I love teaching; my father always wanted me to be a teacher,” says Murphy. “But I never wanted to teach in an institution.” His Recording Boot Camps ( are as much about social interaction as education: “We’re all recording nerds—we’d hang out and talk about this stuff over dinner for free.”

Author: By by Clive Young
June 26,2015
It’s easy to get stuck in "the same old way of doing things," just because that’s how we’ve always done them. If we’re lucky, every so often, something comes along that shows us a different approach or at least reminds us why we do things certain ways. I had that kind of moment back in March, when I was filmed for Fanarchy, a documentary premiering on some Epix channels July 9 at 8PM.

Author: By by PSN Staff
June 15,2015
Every year for two days, Sweetwater GearFest turns Fort Wayne, Indiana, into the center of the musical instrument and pro audio world. People travel hundreds of miles to converge on the campus of internet retailer Sweetwater to attend educational seminars; check out in-depth workshops; network with fellow pros; meet famed producers, engineers and musicians; and nab some deals on gear that are pretty, uh, sweet. Pro Sound News editor-in-chief Frank Wells was on-hand both days this year, sharing the event on the PSN Twitter and Facebook accounts, and here's some of what he saw.

Author: By by Clive Young
June 9,2015
With an authoritative title like The Insider's Guide to Home Recording: Record Music and Get Paid, an engineering book had better be able to walk the walk—and the latest tome by Emmy-winning recording engineer and author Brian Tarquin does just that, bringing the thoroughness of a textbook together with the casualness of a veteran engineer sharing his thoughts over a burger and fries.

Author: By Strother Bullins, AV/Pro Audio Group, NewBay Media
June 2,2015
Here's two recent and insightful articles on our industry as reported by mainstream outlets. Each is illustrative of the current music production marketplace, including theories as to why current CCM genres and DIY recording trends are as they are.

Author: By by Clive Young
June 1,2015
Matt Dever is an Australian sound engineer who specializes in recording entire tours for instant 2-CD sets released at the end of each show; clients have ranged from Blondie and Simple Minds to Devo and The Church. When he’s not on the road, he also has his own facility, D4 Studio, and while it's small, there’s something that really makes it stand out: It was custom-built inside a shipping container.

Author: By by Clive Young
May 29,2015
House engineers hate it when touring engineers try to revamp their audio systems. Touring engineers hate using poorly assembled house systems that barely function. Nobody’s happy—but would you pull a gun out over it? One guy did.

Author: By by Steve Harvey
May 27,2015
Networking is becoming ubiquitous in live sound, both for install and for portable/touring applications. What are the challenges and practical implications as end users deploy systems? What clever solutions are they coming up with now that they have some experience under their belts? We explored these questions in a cover story for the June, 2015 issue of Pro Sound News; what follows is further discussion beyond the printed article.

Author: By Strother Bullins, Reviews Editor, NewBay Media AV/Pro Audio Group
May 26,2015
In my job as Reviews Editor, I listen to a lot of different studio monitoring systems in my workspace. When this ADAM AX Series three-way system arrived for review, I was reminded of how lovely, detailed and expressive I’ve always found ribbon tweeters to be in studio monitors. Meanwhile, having previously reviewed the excellent MK 4—a Sennheiser cardioid LDC made at the company’s HQ in Germany for $299 street—I jumped at the opportunity to try its multipattern sibling, the MK 8, also made in Germany.

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