Author: By Clive Young
November 23, 2015
The Beatles were nothing if not ambitious, and it seems that every time someone looks to shed new light on the Fab Four’s history, the result is equally ambitious. You wind up with massive tomes like The Beatles: Recording Sessions or documentaries like the band’s own 8-hour Beatles Anthology. All of them, of course, are attempts to show how the group caught lightning in a bottle over and over and over again. But for many audio pros and fans (and those who are both), the ultimate way to see that would be to simply watch John, Paul, George and Ringo at work in the studio. Now legendary producer/engineer Geoff Emerick—who was on hand for the recording of many of the band's hits—is aiming to show the world exactly that, as part of the creative team behind a new arena production, The Sessions.
Author: By Clive Young
November 5, 2015
Between a rising debut album and near-incessant touring, Canadian dance music duo Bob Moses has made a name for itself, catching a lot of people’s ears in the process, including those of, well, Bob Moses, executive director of the Audio Engineering Society.
Author: By Rob Tavaglione for
October 22, 2015
I can no longer sit idly by as this nation’s politics are domineered by outsiders, rogues, technocrats and ideologues. It is obviously clear what this great nation needs and I intend to provide it with my new third party as I humbly submit myself as a candidate for president of these United States. My new audio-centric party, Americans Who Care About Nothing But Audio, (in the great audio tradition of long and indecipherable acronyms) will lead this nation into the future by deciding all issues based solely on audio engineers' opinions, as producers won’t even get a say anymore.
Author: By Clive Young
October 13, 2015
The annual New York Comic Con is a pop-culture phenomenon. Drawing an estimated 150,000 people yearly to the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, the four-day event brings together people from all walks of life to indulge their love of comics, video games, movies, TV, books, sci-fi, costuming and more. Given all that visual media, it might not seem like a place you’d find an audio-oriented company, but for indie label Spacelab9, NYCC was a perfect fit.
Author: By Clive Young
October 9, 2015
Stomp boxes have seen a resurgence in recent times, and no wonder: Everybody likes cool sounds and pedals provide a wonderfully tactile way to create them. They’re are also collectible, which makes them ideal for folks with G.A.S. (gear-acquisition syndrome), and often look pretty wild as well. Tinkerers love to take them apart, tech guys love to hear how they were created, and anyone with a pedal always welcomes some insight into how to get the most out of it. With all those different audiences in mind, Stomp On This has a little something for everyone.
Author: By Rob Tavaglione for
October 1, 2015
For Rob Tavaglione, recording a phone interview with top NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson was a routine audio session—until he heard what the six-time championship cup winner had to say and realized he could apply Johnson's words of racing wisdom to his own craft.
Author: By Clive Young
October 1, 2015
Kings of heavy rock since the early Nineties, Clutch went into the studio in early 2015 with producer/engineer Machine (Lamb of God, Every Time I Die) to record its latest album, Psychic Warfare. While they'd worked together on earlier records, it was a brand-new recording experience, as the producer's Machine Shop Recording Studios had recently relocated from New Jersey to Dripping Springs, TX, 25 miles outside of Austin. It's a great-sounding record, so we went to Machine himself to find out more about the album’s recording process.
Author: By Clive Young
September 25, 2015
This is an expanded version of the View From The Top article featured in the October, 2015 issue of Pro Sound News, highlighting Matt Ward, CEO of Plugin Alliance.
Overseeing Plugin Alliance is Matt Ward, who brought a lifetime’s experience to the table when he joined the company in January, 2014. After spending most of the Eighties in retail, Ward spent the Nineties working with pro audio manufacturers such as Studer, Otari and E-MU Systems. After riding the turn-of-the-millennium dotcom bubble at Liquid Audio, Ward returned to pro audio in 2002 at Universal Audio, where he stayed until becoming Plugin Alliance’s CEO.
Author: By Clive Young
September 11, 2015
When the Twin Towers came down on September 11, 2001, millions around the world were affected, and the pro audio industry reacted. Hundreds of audio pros around the country donated their services to benefit concerts, but one sound company was affected directly by the events of 9/11: RSA Audio of Edgewood, NY, which had been providing audio for an 11-day dance festival called Evening Stars—On Stage at the Twin Towers, held at the base of the World Trade Center.
Author: By Clive Young
September 3, 2015
If system engineers use white and pink noise to tune a concert PA, and audiophiles vehemently insist that everything sounds better on vinyl, how about using vinyl records of white noise to prep a speaker system? I’m joking, of course, but here’s the thing: Between September 9-18, 2015, if you happen to be in Brighton, England, you can visit the White Noise Boutique, custom-design your own random white noise, and have it lathe-cut to vinyl by hand, while you wait. Seriously.
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