Author: By Jeremy Blasongame.
August 26, 2011
imgI was sitting in a church all-staff lunch, much like we do every Tuesday afternoon. This really is a time to get to catch up with other people on staff we normally don’t see or interface with on a normal basis. A brief discussion on the upcoming budget proposal deadline came up and one of the people sitting on a couch spoke up rather cheerfully to the finance guy, “oh, I could give you my budget now: $0. Or do you want me to email that to you?” There were a few giggles around the room and the conversation settled back into personal matters. Yes, tis the season (at least for our church) to look back on last year’s goals and budget numbers and play the weatherman to forecast the next year.
Author: By CliveYoung.
August 25, 2011
imgStephen Davis’s 1985 Led Zeppelin tell-all, Hammer of the Gods pretty much defined the modern rock biography, so it was a bit of a surprise when he returned to the band’s history for his recent tome, LZ-'75: The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 American Tour. A troubled venture from the start—one that found the band both homesick and physically sick for most of its run—the 1975 tour proves to be fairly rich territory to mine.
Author: By CliveYoung.
August 24, 2011
imgOver the last few years, there’s been a growing interest in vinyl records—those big, black, round things that everybody over the age of 30 used to get their music on. Corresponding with this resurgence, there’s also been a rise in incredulous mainstream news articles covering the phenomenon, most of which can be summed up as “Look at these wacky, retro kids, buying LPs—whoda thunk it?”

Last year, 2.8 million LPs were sold in the U.S., and vinyl sales are up 39 percent so far over 2010, so records have hit the sociological flashpoint and become Trendy, but what will it take for this moment to become a movement? What will it take to keep those hipsters buying vinyl three, five or 10 years from now?
Author: By CliveYoung.
August 18, 2011
imgThere’s been thousands of words written about John Lennon: Beatle or Songwriter or Musician or Activist or Wit, but there’s virtually nothing out there about his work as a Producer. The recent book, Starting Over: The Making of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy, captures all aspects of how the artist created what turned out to be his final statement, but in the process, author Ken Sharp provides a fascinating glimpse of how Lennon ran his sessions, got the sounds he wanted and cajoled those around him into giving their all.
Author: By FrankWells.
August 15, 2011
imgNumbers tracking the sales of recordings are in for 2010. Unsurprisingly, the trends from the past decade continue. You know the litany by now.

According to the statistics from the RIAA, sales of CDs are down (continuing the annual double-digit percentages lost of the past several years—down nearly 23 percent in units sold this year; 225 million units sold, and that’s less than 25 percent of the peak of the format’s popularity in 2000).
Author: By CliveYoung.
August 11, 2011
imgSypro Gyra is still going strong 35 years after its debut album, and September will find the venerable act releasing A Foreign Affair, a new collection that incorporates different world musics into the band’s trademark smooth jazz. While most of the world has been retreating to recording in small, private studios, the group found itself bucking the trend when it recorded the self-produced album, says band leader Jay Beckenstein: “For this record, unlike the last two, we really decided we needed a big studio with all the gear, with all the help, so that we could all set up together and really create some music the way we used to a little bit.”
Author: By CliveYoung.
August 9, 2011
imgSean “Sully” Sullivan is the dictionary definition of a Journeyman Engineer, having mixed FOH for everyone from Sheryl Crow to Thom Yorke to Beck to Justin Timberlake. We caught up with him on the Rihanna tour recently and, as part of our on-going series of blog posts about “go-to” microphones, asked about his favorite “desert island mic”—what’s the one mic he turns to in a pinch, and why?
Author: By Mr. Bonzai
August 7, 2011
imgFor this interview and photo session, I visited Chad Smith at his home in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Although he is active as a guest drummer teacher, and drummer with Chickenfoot and The Bombastic Meatbats, he is best known for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The new Chili Pepper album, I’m With You, drops on August 30. OK, let’s get down with one of the most inventive and successful drummers of all time.
Author: By CliveYoung.
August 5, 2011
imgWhen a mysterious Bob Dylan album, Great White Wonder, suddenly appeared on record store shelves in 1969, it single-handedly created a new kind of underground contraband: bootlegs. The illegal LPs, crammed full of live tracks, outtakes, demos and more, were fascinating documents, capturing artists at their most unguarded, but they also raised many questions—the most popular being, "Who made this?!" Often bootleggers were romantically thought to be music-addled Robin Hoods, freeing music that “needed” to be heard, though in truth they were just criminals. Decades later, Ken Douglas—the mastermind behind Great White Wonder, The Rolling Stones' legendary LiveR Than You'll Ever Be and countless other bootlegs—has started recounting his adventures in the seamy underbelly of the music industry...and what a tale he tells.
Author: By David Schober.
August 4, 2011
imgIf there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s no such thing as a small gig. Every job you ever take has its repercussions, positive or negative. Rarely are they neutral. And the fact is, in my experience, I’ve found that the gigs which may seem less significant often are much more significant than I’d ever imagined. A perfect example of this is what happened soon after I’d moved from LA to Nashville. Of course, I was trying to establish myself and get work. Things were going ok, but I needed a decent bump in my work. One spring day, I was at home and the phone rang.
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