Loudspeakers--Studio Monitors


Studio Reviews by Rich Tozzoli: St. John Recording Retreat 2014 with DPA, Fender Studio, Grace Design & Universal Audio

Date: 07/14/2014

Recording Away From The Comforts Of My Studio Is Never Easy, Especially When It’S A Few Thousand Miles Away From Home On An Island.  MORE

PAR On Audio Production Touch Screens

Date: 07/02/2014

I think one of the big changes on the horizon is touch screen technology utilizing touch screen panels (TSPs). It’s time to re-imagine the tools of music production. I look around and I see TSPs in use everywhere, from smartphones to cash registers, cars to airport ticket terminals. The rapid adoption and success of the iPad is a clear indicator that TSPs are here to stay.  MORE

Audient iD22 AD/DA Interface & Monitoring System

Date: 01/13/2014

The iD22 is a Mac OS-compatible, USB-based audio interface and monitoring system featuring a two-input, six-output, 24-bit/96 kHz capable AD/DA with ADAT optical I/O and a number of attractive features.  MORE

Audio-Technica AT5040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Date: 12/03/2013

A-T Has Prospered In The High Performance, Mid-Priced Mic Category, But Has Never Attempted To Break Into The “Premium Mic” Category.  MORE

Review: Sonodyne SM 100Ak Active Nearfield Monitors

Date: 09/26/2012

Is Sonodyne Destined To Be A Revered Studio Monitor Brand In America? The SM 100Ak Would Suggest A “Yes.”  MORE

Yamaha DSR Series Loudspeakers

Date: 05/17/2012

To Me, The DSR Series Of Powered Loudspeakers From Yamaha Pro Audio Embodies The Word “Overbuilt.”  MORE

Emotiva Pro airmotiv 5 Powered Studio Monitor

Date: 04/23/2012

Franklin, TN-Based Emotiva Audio Corporation Has Spent Many Years In The Consumer Audiophile Market Making A Full Line Of Speakers, Amplifiers And Hi-Fi Equipment.  MORE

PMC IB2S XBD-A Active Midfield Reference Monitor

Date: 02/24/2012

British Manufacturer PMC’S IB Series Of Passive Midfield Loudspeakers Have Become Something Of A Staple In Studios And Mastering Rooms Around The World.  MORE

Emotiva Pro airmotiv 5 Powered Studio Monitor

Date: 02/21/2012

Emotiva Pro lures discriminating studio monitor buyers with innovative pricing schemes, 30-day product trials, and transferrable five-year warranties, not to mention quality and sound performances that are “nothing short of a steal.”  MORE

KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 Mid-field 3-Way Studio Monitors

Date: 02/21/2012

Offering balanced, room-filling sound at an affordable price, the ROKIT Powered 10-3 is built for what should be an increasingly popular niche in monitoring: larger (rather than smaller) secondary reference speakers, conducive to group work.  MORE

Guzauski-Swist GS-3a Studio Monitor System

Date: 02/09/2012

Astonishing Performance Is What The GS-3A Will Provide Both Worldclass Studios And Our Industry’S Most Discriminating End-Users.  MORE

Se Munro Egg 150 Studio Monitor System

Date: 01/27/2012

So, You Want To Enter The Loudspeaker Market.  MORE

Alto Professional TrueSonic TS115A Active Two-Way Loudspeaker

Date: 01/27/2012

Studio Or Stage, Affordable Powered Loudspeakers Are Increasingly The Rule Rather Than The Exception.  MORE


Loudspeakers--Studio Monitors

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Loudspeakers--Studio Monitors

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