Review: Hammond USA Leslie Studio 12 Cabinet

Date: 08/31/2015

Rob Tavaglione Reviews The Portable, Good-Sounding Studio 12 Cabinet.  MORE

Review: Metric Halo Production Plug-in Suite

Date: 08/28/2015

Rob Tavaglione. Now At $299, Production Bundle Is Screaming For Your Attention.  MORE

Review: Avalon V5 Preamplifier/DI/Re-amping Box

Date: 08/26/2015

Rob Tavaglione. The V5 Boasts Incredibly Wide Tonal Versatility.  MORE

Review: Primacoustic FlexiBooth and VoxGuard VU

Date: 08/25/2015

These Absorptive, Noise Attenuating Vocal Capture Tools Are Affordable, Useful.  MORE

Review: Blue Hummingbird Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Date: 08/25/2015

Blue's 180-Degree Pivoting Capsule SDC "Sounds Fantastic, Feels Expensive."  MORE

Review: Radial Engineering Firefly Tube Direct Box

Date: 08/07/2015

The Firefly Starts With Class A Electronics And A “Zero Negative Feedback” Design Feeding A 12AX7 Tube  MORE

Review: NewerTech USB 3.0 Universal Drive Adapter

Date: 07/27/2015

The USB3-UDA Is Perfect For Accessing Old Hard Drive Data.  MORE

Review: Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 Plug-in for UA UAD-2 and Apollo

Date: 07/22/2015

Developed by Softube for the UAD-2 and Apollo audio interfaces, this is a serious emulation of the classic EL34-tubed 100 W British monster, heard on countless hit records.  MORE

Review: Ultimate Ears Sound Guard IEM Processor/Limiter

Date: 07/16/2015

Russ Long. UE Radically Improves IEM Performance Via Limiting Circuit And More.  MORE

Review: X-Clip Dual Microphone Holder

Date: 07/09/2015

Rob Tavaglione. No More Gaffer's Tape! X-Clip Ideally Holds An SM57 And SDC.  MORE

Review: iZ RADAR studio Recording System/Multiplatform DAW

Date: 07/08/2015

By Russ Long. RADAR Studio Runs Daws Natively: E.G., Pro Tools.  MORE

Review: Sennheiser MK 8 Multipattern LDC Mic

Date: 07/07/2015

by Strother Bullins. The studio realm of pro audio product marketing tends to nurture “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” Microphone-wise, the multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser (LDC) is often a focus in aspirational studio glamour shots— mostly because it’s a key, useful tool and partly because it’s generally one of the priciest items in a pro’s kit. Recognizing both the needs and desires of both savvy self-financed recordists and budget-minded pros, Sennheiser’s MK Series has recently expanded to two models, offering the taste, vibe and features of high-end LDCs at very reasonable prices.  MORE

MXL DRUM PA-5K Mic Kit, MM-131 Mic Mate Mobile

Date: 07/06/2015

By Strother Bullins. MXL Microphones’ new three-piece DRUM PA-5K drum mic kit (pictured, at $199) includes two of the company’s new A-5t Tom Microphones and the MXL A-55 Kicker bass drum mic.  MORE

Auralex Acoustics Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors: v2 Now Available

Date: 07/01/2015

Handmade, “Green” V2 Features Sharper Angles, Evolved Construction, New Models.  MORE

Review: AEA R88 mk2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone

Date: 06/30/2015

Working at Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, New York with engineer/producer Neil Dorfsman, he and owner/engineer Paul Antonell put up an AEA R88 mk2 stereo ribbon microphone on drummer Ray Levier’s kit.  MORE



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