London, UK (October 22, 2008)--Cenzo Townshend, a producer/mix engineer who’s worked with Hothouse Flowers, New Order, Sleeper, Kaiser Chiefs, the Cranberries, Snow Patrol and Echo and The Bunnymen, recently added Bricasti Design Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processors to his rack.

"Although I haven't had the Model 7 very long, it has been used on everything I've mixed, including Snow Patrol's new album, A Hundred Million Suns."
The processor has found a permanent home within his project facility, the Bunker at London's Olympic Studios. "Although I haven't had the Model 7 very long," Townshend confesses, "it has been used on everything I've mixed, including Snow Patrol's new album, A Hundred Million Suns, singles and album tracks on Kaiser Chiefs' new album, Off With Their Heads, and a forthcoming Howling Bells album." Current projects include albums for Tinashe, Kinkane and Si Connolly.

"I first heard of the Bricasti Model 7 a little while before it was launched," Townshend recalls. "Garry Robson [from Bricasti's UK distributor, SCV-London] suggested that I try it, but it took a little convincing because I'm not keen on new, shiny reverbs. But I've been using Convolution Reverbs for specific effects--springs and chambers, etc.--although I'm lucky here at Olympic Studios to have four good plates to choose from. I was surprised at how true the Model 7 sounded compared to the real plate I'm used to--just as solid sounding but much less noise! My initial reaction was that I would have to buy one!"

The Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor features a new reverb algorithm, True Stereo Reverb Process. The M7 includes more than 100 reverb presets, including Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers and Ambient Spaces. V2.0 software includes two new Soundstages, each of which was calculated off-line over the course of several months based on a specified acoustic model; it is the foundation of all M7 presets. The new software release also features Bricasti's Second Algorithm.

"The front-panel is also well laid out," Townshend says. "I was immediately familiar with its layout and menus--the presets are very familiar too, which is a great start. The M7 is very easy to use and somewhat reminiscent of the old Lexicon PCM-70, but sounds as good and chunky as a PCM-60 yet with all of the refinement of a 480."

Townshend's first project with the Model 7 was mixing tracks for a Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis project. "I used the M7's Echo Plate on Leona's voice," the producer explains, "and to add a little grandeur to the orchestra. Predominantly, I use the M7 for vocals, strings and pianos--it is fantastic for producing vintage-type reverbs on percussion. I use a number of settings, including Fat Plate, London Plate or Echo Plate; I've yet to edit any of them drastically, apart from reverb time and brightness."

Other recent projects from the prolific engineer/producer include Bloc Party, Editors, Baby Shambles, Klaxons, Late Of The Pier, Mystery Jets, Reverend & The Makers, Starsailor, Badly Drawn Boy, Pigeon Detectives, Athletea and Infadels.

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