Fast Facts



After refreshing its product line and refining its image in 2010, Glyph Production Technologies, known for its pro-quality storage devices, has shipped the Triplicator, its first new product. The next round of Triplicators began shipping in late November.

Triplicator is an appliance designed to make multiple, simultaneous copies of a data set. Designed to be an easy-to-use, time-saving tool, Triplicator allows for connecting two or three target hard drives via eSATA device ports and then connecting to a host computer via FireWire 800, USB or eSATA. Power on the drives and the Triplicator and an LED tells users how many drives are attached. Then they can copy the data to the multiple target drives, which the Triplicator presents as one drive. When the copy is finished, identical data will be present on the target drives, without the user having to do separate copies. The drives are ready to be used as individual originals for editing, backup and archiving.

The second-generation version will feature the ability to mount existing drive sets after the unit has been repowered, a requested feature. Additionally, the “Initialize Drives” button will move to the front panel for easier access when the unit is rackmounted.