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Recording in the ultra-high fidelity DSD format — a favorite format touted by longstanding PAR contributor, Grammy-winning mastering engineer Tom Jung — the new Korg MR-2 records a 2.8 MHz sampling rate, offers two built-in condenser microphones, and is built for easy, portable use. Its mic housing can be rotated toward the front, top or rear of the MR-2 in eight 30-degree steps. Two screw mounts allow the MR-2 to be attached to a general-purpose camera tripod; an additional jack enables connection to a favorite external mic.

Using the included AudioGate software, the DSD original data-stream recording can be re-purposed into nearly any audio format. For job-specific recording, the MR-2 can also record in any of the popular multi-bit formats, from MP2 and MP3 up to 24-bit/192 kHz files.

Other features include an onboard analog limiter, low-cut filter and bass EQ; 128 x 128 pixel LCD with backlight; chromatic tuner; and 40 Recording Setups, each with its own settings for mic sensitivity, input level, analog limiter, lowcut-filter and bass EQ. Data recorded on the MR-2 is stored directly to an SD/SDHC card; over 11 hours of DSD recording is possible using a 32 GB card. The USB 2.0 connector (Mini-B connector) allows the recorded data to be transferred to a computer; both battery (AA x 2) and USB power sources are available.