2-010-04-28-smaartPutnam, CT (April 28, 2010)--Rational Acoustics has released Smaart 7, the first new edition of the acoustic test and measurement software released since EAW sold the brand in November, 2009.

Promising “dramatically improved performance, stability and accuracy,” Smaart v.7 is the culmination of an intensive two-year development effort and is the first version of Smaart designed and released solely by Rational Acoustics, which purchased the brand from EAW last fall. Notes Rational Acoustics’ CEO and Head System Tweak, Jamie Anderson “Smaart v.7 is a completely new code base.  By starting with a clean slate, we have been able to reconsider, review and improve all areas of the program, from the fundamental architecture through to the details of the control interface.”

Smaart v.7 was created with an object-oriented program architecture; effectively, the program is built of many individual code modules that are run as independent, inter-related programs (“objects”).  This means that users can run as many simultaneous single-channel (spectrum) and dual-channel (transfer function) measurement engines as their PC will allow.  This new architecture also means that Smaart is ready for expanded application/interaction beyond the basic program itself. Remote GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces), real-time data export/sharing with other applications and the creation of plug-in versions are all now possible and already on the drawing board.

Smaart v.7 also includes multi-channel and multi-platform capability, able to access modern multi-channel input devices and operate native in both Windows and Mac Operating Systems (including 32- and 64-bit versions). Additionally, Smaart v.7 can run multiple, simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function Measurements.  

Rational Acoustics states that the program also includes “enhanced data acquisition, improved Spectrum and Transfer Function engines, expanded Impulse Response mode, a new Delay Tracking feature and a simpler GUI.”

“The release of Smaart v.7.0 is by no means the end of its development” says Karen Anderson, Rational Acoustics COO and Den Mother. “Users can expect a slew of updates, add-ons and bug fixes from us throughout the life of the product. We have a whiteboard full of ‘after-dot’ features we are already working on.”

For the first 90 days of release, existing Smaart v4, v5 or v.6 users can upgrade online for a special Early Adopter discount.  Additionally, anyone who purchased Smaart v.6 after June 1, 2009 is eligible for a free upgrade to v.7.  

Rational Acoustics