Farmington Hills, MI (April 4, 2006)--Surround recording artist and producer/engineer Aleksander Golberg, aka "Jero," has been composing music specifically for the surround sound experience since 2001, after honing his skills as a techno music producer, DJ, and live sound mixer in Detroit. Currently, Jero is working on two new projects: SOLARIS: Music Experience in 3-Dimensional Sound Reality and The Master and Margarita: Music Experience in 3-Dimensional Sound Reality, both for DVD-Audio.

Born in Moscow, Jero started playing music at the age of 7. "Coming from a classical music background I was always looking at sound and acoustics as a main creative element of music perception," said Golberg in an interview with High Fidelity Review in 2002. "In my early years I was always searching for the perfect location in a room to play one of my instruments and using its acoustics to complement the performance."

After graduating from Moscow Music College and State Academy in 1996, Jero moved to the U.S., where he continued his education in Institute of Audio Research and Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. During these years, Jero collaborated with New York artists on different multimedia, music and art projects and exhibitions. After graduating, he went to see his family in Michigan and met with several studio owners and recording engineers. Work in the Detroit metro area as a sound mixing engineer helped him gain the necessary skills and experience to pursue his ideas for three-dimensional audio projects. His electronic music compositions, and especially the influence of Detroit techno music, created what Jero felt was the perfect media for multichannel surround sound, with gracious melody lines taking their roots from classical music. He started performing live techno compositions directly from a keyboard workstation at Detroit clubs, and finalized his idea about the scenario of multimedia presentation--to use visual art to complement the surround music experience--after seeing the movie, Contact.

After completing the music part of the project in Detroit area studios, Jero went to the New Detroit Science Center to complete the visual portion of his presentation. The 50-foot-wide, three-story-high planetarium, he felt, was the perfect environment in which to showcase the visual perception of the surround music experience. In 2003, Real Detroit Weekly wrote of the show, "Music has always been something you could only hear and never touch or see, but this exciting exhibit at the New Detroit Science Center let you get closer to sound than you ever have before. Inside the Digital Dome Planetarium, 13,000 watts of amplification and 5.1 Surround Sound will help to create a sonic experience that explodes into a visual installment in the 50-foot-wide/ three-story-high planetarium."

In February of 2003, United Entertainment Media and Surround Professional magazine chose Jero's Space or Dream of Life for the "Best New 5.1 Composition" award.

Currently, Jero is looking for a studio partner or studio position in production services for music titles, video and films in to support future development of surround music media. If you're looking to produce surround music, create surround soundtracks for feature films and/or television programs, or put your music to DTS 5.1, DVD-Audio or SACD, Golberg is available for new projects--both as a recording artist and composer/producer/engineer.

Aleksander Golberg/Surround Magic Studio