(l-r): Vintage King's Ryan McGuire, Tedi Sarafian
of Barefoot Sound, Jacob Schneider, Alex Oana,
co-owner Mike Nehra, Shevy Detroit, co-owner
Andrew Nehra and Jeff Ehrenberg on drums.
(All Vintage King staff unless otherwise noted).
San Francisco, CA (November 12, 2010)—The AES Convention is all about networking and one of the best places to do that on Saturday night was Vintage King Audio’s Afterglow party.

Vintage King Audio took a break from the festivities of its AES Afterglow party to hit the drums at Studio Trilogy, party location and event sponsor. NewBay Media, Focal Press and Gearslutz were additional sponsors and mingled with guests like Chris Lord Alge, Michael Penn, Dave Trumfio and Rob Schnaff as well as gear manufacturers like Shadow Hills, Barefoot Sound, ACME and Endless Analog.
The event was held at Studio Trilogy, a recording studio conveniently located a few minutes away from the Moscone Center, where the AES convention took place. The first 50 guests received a complimentary gift from Focal Press. Additional support was provided by Inward Connections, Neve Classic Series, Digital Audio Denmark, ProAc, Electrodyne, Helios and Function Drinks.

Vintage King