Alto Professional TrueSonic TS115A Active Two-Way Loudspeaker
By Strother Bullins for Pro Audio Review   11.24.2014      
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1 Posted by : littledog
Sep 29, 2014 3:42PM
It is hard to imagine that in a review of a product this inexpensive there is not a single drawback, design flaw, or caveat. No hiss, no flimsiness of the pots and switches, no missing features that would make using this product even more enjoyable? I'm not saying the reviewer should invent negativity just for the sake of appearing objective, but I get a little suspicious when in a long review absolutely nothing can be found that is even remotely critical. Or maybe this is just the greatest thing to come down the pike… Anything is possible!
2 Posted by : Anonymous
Sep 29, 2014 3:42PM
Hi Littledog, I always appreciate comments on PAR product reviews. FWIW, this is an abridged version, for Pro Sound News, of the full review that ran in Pro Audio Review. Yet the fact is, this powered speaker has created quite a buzz in my own musical community for its incredible value and build quality, and it easily competes with more than half of the PPA powered speakers I've used, some up to twice its price. Speaker "hiss" always varies depending on environment, house power, other components in the chain, etc.; this speaker is comparatively hiss-free, so it's a non-issue, AFAIC. Missing features? None that I could name for its cost. At this point, I recommend that you just try it yourself, trust me, or doubt me. Either way, thanks for reading and for your curious questions! Best, Strother Bullins, Editor of Pro Audio Review
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