Metallica, Reed Walk On The Wild Side

6/21/2011 3:45:00 PM
By Clive Young

News broke over the weekend that the legendary metal band, Metallica, has finished recording a new album in collaboration with the equally iconic singer/songwriter, Lou Reed. Recorded over the last few months at the band’s warehouse/headquarters outside San Francisco, the 10 tracks are songs Reed wrote for a German theatrical project, Lulu, which were subsequently arranged by Metallica. The set has no set release date, but sessions wrapped up last week.

The idea of recording a project blossomed from when the musicians first performed together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concert, held at New York’s Madison Square Garden in the fall of 2009.


It’s not the first time that Metallica has collaborated in its home studio with a highly esteemed Sixties songwriter known for a sardonic worldview—Ray Davies, principal of The Kinks, re-recorded his classic anthem, "You Really Got Me," with the band for his solo album, See My Friends, which was released last fall. Likewise, Reed has a long history of collaborations, having teamed up with everyone from fellow Velvet Underground bandmate John Cale to The Killers to Simple Minds to, uh, Susan Boyle.

Well, with no other real news about this intriguing match up, there’s only one thing left to do: eyeball some photos courtesy of Metallica.Com and play America's favorite game show, Spot The Gear!


I’m terrible at picking out control room equipment, but in that tracking shot, there looks to be Meyer Sound MJF-212A monitors in the center of the room (makes sense--like Metallica, Meyer is another loud Bay Area entity), and a few Aviom Pro16 personal monitor mixers. What do you see?

Your turn: If you see something, say something—leave your guesses in the comments area below.

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