New York Maker Faire Audio Oddities: MIDI-Controlled Drum Robots

9/23/2011 1:10:00 AM
By Clive Young
imgThe annual New York Maker Faire returned to the New York Hall of Science in September, bringing with it all sorts of DIY audio oddities. We've been featuring videos of some of the more interesting things we saw, and today, inventor Tim Laursen presents his MIDI-Controlled Drum Robots.

If you’ve never heard of the Maker Faire, think back to your high school science fair. This is the same thing—except with a giant, flame-throwing metal dragon you can climb in; exploding musical fountains made from Coke Zero and Mentos that would put the Bellagio to shame; a 50,000-lbs. life-sized Mousetrap game; a Volvo covered in dozens of singing fish; crafts, soldering classes and lots more. So Maker Faire is more accurately like a Mad Science Fair.

Maker Faires are held all over these days, with more popping up every year around the country. After covering the inaugural New York event last fall, Pro Sound News returned to see what semi-pro audio would appear this time. Here’s some of what we found:
Come back soon for more video of semi-pro audio from NY Maker Faire!   

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