The Next Big Format: Chocolate?

1/4/2012 3:20:00 PM
By Clive Young

Music and candy have always gone together, whether you're talking band names like Chocolate Watchband; genres such as Bubblegum; or, of course, songs themselves—say, Sammy Davis, Jr.'s "The Candy Man" or at the other end of the spectrum, Marcy Playground's "Sex And Candy." Now Scottish indie act Found has gone one step further by releasing an edible—and playable—chocolate single for its song, "Anti-Climb Paint."

According to Oddity Central, local bakers Fisher and Donaldson tried various methods of creating the tasty disk for the band before eventually getting their hands on the original stampers used for the regular vinyl version. The end result isn't cheap (£13.50), will likely gop up your precious diamond needle, and based on the video above, surely tastes better than it sounds, but on the upside, if you keep it in the freezer, the format will probably last longer than DCC. Talk about Delicious Vinyl!

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