Looking at LFO

2/25/2014 4:12:00 PM
By Clive Young.

Sound has always affected the human psyche. Music raises our spirits, significant others yelling at us makes us agitated, and of course, sound practitioners everywhere have heard of the “Brown Note”—the mythical low-end frequency that makes those who hear it lose their, uh, intestinal fortitude (no, it doesn’t exist).

Now there’s a new movie out of Sweden, LFO, that explores what would happen if a frequency could make anyone instantly susceptible to hypnosis. Written and directed by Antonio Steve Tublen, the dark comedy follows Robert Nord (Patrik Karlson), a bedraggled, foul-tempered audio engineer who discovers a specific low frequency that lets him control anyone who hears it. Soon he’s experimenting on the neighbors to test the limits of this power—sometimes with amusing results and other times with moral (and immoral) consequences.

Currently making the rounds on the international film festival circuit, LFO doesn’t appear to have U.S. distribution lined up, but for now, you can catch the trailer above and hope it eventually turns up on Netflix or iTunes.

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