imgLas Vegas, NV (November 18, 2013)—3G Productions provided the sound system for hip-hop dance crew Jabbawockeez new show “Prism” at the 850-seat Luxor Hotel and Casino.

The sound system consists of 12 d&b audiotechnik Q-Subs, six V12s and eight E8s for the 5.1 surround sound.

3G’s marketing director Keith Conrad noted, “Given the nature of a dance entertainment show and the need to have the full stage clear and viewable for the audience, we couldn’t have any front fills or subs on stage or in front of stage where they would normally go.”

“Without the ability to have front fills on stage or blocking any portion of the stage, we had to get creative with the arrays. The V12 is rigged at a 15 degree angle on the bottom of the array to cover the front seats, and the horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees allows for the coverage of a fairly wide room with only six boxes a side,” Conrad continued.

"We had some unique challenges with the theater based on the exaggerated width of the room and the need to keep the stage clear for the dancers,” added Jabbawockeez production manager Fabian Herrera. “We brought in 3G Productions based on its strong reputation as a service-focused provider and extensive high-end inventory in the Vegas market. 3G designed a top-of-the-line d&b audiotechnik V-series with Q sub system that blew us away, both in terms of SPL output, and coverage and the ability to see the show without any obstructions."

3G Productions, Inc.