imgEgg Harbor Township, NJ (March 21, 2013)—With the help of ACIR Professional’s Stephen Bonamassa and a Yamaha CL5 and two Rio 3224-D input/output racks, live theater show “Masters of Illusion: Live” wondered crowds at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ.

In addition to the CL5, ACIR brought in an entire audio production system including 14 d&b Audiotechnik Q1 Line Array Speakers, two Q Subs, D12 amps, four Yamaha T3n amplifiers, and Shure SM58s and ULXS4 wireless systems.

“My work consists of 90 percent corporate work and about 10 percent music and entertainment work,” said Bonamassa, noting that for what he does, “...that the CL5 sounds better than other digital Yamaha boards I have used. Features like the touch screen made patching and routing a whole lot easier. I also liked being able to color code input and output channels on the surface.”

Bonamassa was impressed by being able to assign the right-most bank of eight faders to different presets on the fly. “Having the same option, but different presets, available on the center eight is cool as well. The functionality of the graphic EQ's on the center eight faders, and the way the input layers flip on the console, independent of what you have punched up on the center and right set of faders are also some helpful features.”

ACIR Professional

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