imgChaska, MN (September 11, 2013)—Acoustic Geometry has launched a new video, "How Sound Works (In Rooms)," that offers an explanation of room acoustics and treatments.

If you've ever wondered how sound works in rooms and what you can do about it, Acoustic Geometry's video might reveal some of the mysteries. Using Nerf Disc guns, 1,130 feet of fluorescent green string, and moire patterns, this 3:33 video clarifies why nearly all rooms benefit from both absorbers and diffusors. Complete with a before-and-after example, the video shows the essentials of sound wave behavior in enclosed spaces.

Acoustic Geometry is a new brand from Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. (ASI) of Chaska, MN, established over 30 years ago to offer products and services to the trades. As the retail face of ASI, Acoustic Geometry offers room treatment and soundproofing products.

Acoustic Geometry

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