imgVancouver, Canada (August 1, 2013)—During a recent six-city tour in Australia with Bryan Adams, mixing engineer and founder of the Vancouver-based audio company Gearforce Robert Nevalainen tested out the Diveristy Fin cross-polarized antenna from RF venue.

“We did an A-B type test comparing the Diversity Fin against our stock Shure and Sennheiser systems, and were quite impressed,” Nevalainen explained. As a result, Nevalainen said Gearforce purchased a Diversity Fin.

“The kit also includes seven wireless channels using Shure UHRF receivers and UA845 amplifiers. Both Adams and lead guitarist Keith Scott use UR-1 body-pack transmitters with U845 combiners. For personal wireless monitoring, they use Shure PSM1000s with a PA821A combiner,” he said. “The Diversity Fin worked well because of its compact footprint in our congested left stage area. We were also quite pleased with the reduction in switching noise. The antenna basically forces the diversity receiver to choose between signals less frequently, and as a result you get more silent switching.”

Nevalainen has just returned from a series of June stadium shows in Denmark. “We have now been using the Diversity Fin exclusively with Bryan's guitar setup,” he reports. “It has really simplified our setup and given us very reliable and predictable directional antenna coverage.”

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