Monitor engineer Jared Swetnam, FOH engineer Scott Eisenberg and system engineer Andrew Dowling (Sound Image) on stage prior to a show.
Port Perry, Ontario (September 6, 2013)—Alternative rock band Imagine Dragons tapped Escondido, CA-based Sound Image to provide the sound reinforcement for the group's current U.S. tour, bringing along an Adamson Energia E15 line array for the ride.

"When we received the bid, it came down to determining which system would provide the SPL, flexibility and sonic quality the band required," said Andrew Dowling, systems engineer for Sound Image. "The band needed the ability to do full-size sheds and arenas, as well as smaller venues."

FOH engineer Scott Eisenberg and production manager Eric "Shakes" Grzybowski ultimately decided that the Adamson Energia E15 line arrays would do the job. "The Adamson boxes are light while still putting out a ton of horsepower," Dowling said. "It allowed us to get the volume the tour needs even in venues where hanging a huge line wasn't an option."

The production is on the road with 42 Energia E15 line array modules, 12 T-21 subwoofers  and 14 Spektrix loudspeakers—eight for front fills and six for underhangs off of the main arrays as needed.

"Most of the time, we hang the E15s, but it's nice that they can be stacked if necessary," continues Dowling. "We've been in some odd venues that have required less than conventional configurations to get the larger than life sound the band wants.”

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