Port Perry, Canada (April 5, 2017)—Committed to manufacturing all its components and key technologies in Canada, Adamson Systems Engineering has undergone a massive expansion of its now-40,000 square foot headquarters in Port Perry, Ontario.

The new expansion was built solely to provide more room for the company’s production and R&D facilities, while the original facility has also been revamped. The effort is not merely architectural in nature, however; with new space has come new equipment, with the addition of new CNC routers, milling machines, and semi-automated production lines, all part of a ramping up of Adamson’s output to match demand, as the company’s sales have grown more than 40 percent year-over-year since 2014, according to James Oliver, director of Marketing and Sales.

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"This significant investment in infrastructure positions Adamson to continue manufacturing all components and key technologies in Canada,” said president and CEO Brock Adamson. “Vertical onsite integration, from raw iron to finished loudspeakers, allows our engineering teams to prototype real world products faster and deliver products that are not limited in performance through priorities set by third-party suppliers. The elimination of outsourcing ensures the protection of our intellectual property and maintains the secrecy surrounding certain proprietary manufacturing processes.”

While investing in infrastructure and the facility, the company has also added personnel in recent times. “Our company has quadrupled our number of engineers over the past three years,” said Benoit Cabot, director of R&D. “When you’re going through rapid growth as we are, you end up putting people wherever you can find space. Our new labs allow for an incredibly productive and collaborative environment.”

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