Five-time Grammy Award winner and renowned record producer, songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur Jimmy Jam; and noted author, journalist and technologist Craig Anderton.
New York, NY (November 4, 2013)—The recent AES Convention in New York hosted its second Project Studio Expo—an event within an event that saw attendance of over 1,000 people to wanted to hear leading authors, journalists and educators.

Among this year's presenters were Craig Anderton, Bill Gibson, Mike Metlay, Andrea Pejrolo, Gino Robair, Hugh Robjohns, Mike Senior, Paul White and others. Additionally, Craig Anderton also hosted a Question-and-Answer session on Friday with five-time Grammy Award winner and record producer, songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur Jimmy Jam. The Project Studio Expo was sponsored by Cerwin-Vega, Focusrite/Novation, Gibson Brands, KRK Systems, Onkyo, SAE Institute, Sennheiser, Stanton and TASCAM.

The AES has a long history serving the recording community, from the early days of monophonic vinyl to today's modern multichannel digital audio formats. With the rise of project studios, many home recordists may be at a loss on how to best use the tools at hand. The Project Studio Expo brought together the top people, tools and techniques, in order that attendees could learn best practices and tricks from the pros; talk to their toolmakers; and listen, learn, and connect with their peers. Topics ranged from acoustics in small spaces to microphone placement, mixing, and mastering.

Bob Moses, AES Executive Director, stated, "The Project Studio Expo is our answer to a recording business that has migrated from the classic big studios of the past to the spare bedrooms and garages of the present. †Audio professionals need training on a huge range of skills to run their business today, and AES is here to provide that training."

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