imgNew York, NY (September 4, 2013)—An Allen & Heath iLive system was used for the recent 21st anniversary show of the UK band, Tindersticks, mixing a 17-piece string section that accompanied the band for its performance in Lucern, Switzerland.

For the tour, monitor engineer and long term iLive user, Jamie Hickey, specified and hired in a compact iLive system from APR Audio, comprising an iLive-R72 Control Surface and iDR-64 MixRack with remote control via a PL-6 fader panel and iPad. The anniversary show was held in the KKL Centre concert hall, where Hickey looked after 23 musicians, supplementing the iLive system with 18 ME-1 mixers to provide in-ear monitoring for each of the players in the string section.

“The biggest problem string players have when accompanying bands is that they're not always able to hear their own instrument over the clatter and bang of a rock band," explains Hickey. "I wanted them to have the option to turn up their instrument in the IEM if the sound of the band became too much. So I simply assigned the direct out from each of the string channels to the corresponding player's ME-1 and disabled all the other buttons, so they had one volume control pot. The K&M mounting clip that comes with the ME-1 was perfect to attach the unit directly to the player's chair, negating the need for extra clutter."

To enable control of the large I/O count from such a small surface, Hickey also used a PL-6 remote controller and an iPad loaded with the iLive MixPad app, and created three 'special' scenes, where the only changes were Bank 1 and Bank 2 strip assignments. By using 4 key scenes labeled as ‘ALL SCENE’, ‘STANDARD’, ‘BAND’ and ‘STRINGS’ Hickey was able to have access to different mixers and could update changes by simply selecting different scenes.

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