The accompany images show the FOH iLive surface with engineer, Tommy Wiliams.
Cornwall, UK (July 18, 2013)—Two Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing systems were brought along for a special performance by the People’s String Foundation, held at the Minack theater in Cornwall.

The 12-member group held the concert to promote an upcoming album, set to release this summer.

“Positioned on a cliff top, the open-air amphitheatre was a logistical challenge, requiring a mixer that would fit with the rest of the PA in a van small enough to negotiate the narrow lanes leading to the venue but could also handle the 50 plus channel count,” commented FOH engineer, Tommy Williams.

An iLive-T80 surface with iDR-48 MixRack was selected at Monitors, expanded with an xDR-16 to handle the microphones from the string section. The xDR expander had an M-MADI card fitted for multitrack recording of the show on a Soundscape DAW. The other ACE link from the iDR-48 fed the FOH system, comprising an iDR-16 on stage and a T-80 on the upper terrace.
The iDR-48 was set up with 8 wedge mix outputs and 6 stereo in-ear mixes, to cater for extra requirements and supporting acts. In addition, two ME-1 personal mixers were used on stage by the drummer and bassist. The ME-1s received a premix by the Monitor engineer, plus a separate mix of the drums and individual vocals, so that the musicians could dial in what they needed on top of the default mix from the iLive.

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