RCF TTL11-A active steerable arrays provide audio in the two-tiered restaurant.
Amsterdam, Holland (February 20, 2013)—Amsterdam’s new Kitchen and Bar Van Rijn, part of the Escape Club in the Rembrandtplein area of the city, has installed a sound system from Italian company RCF.

Owners Ton and Dick Poppes tapped 24/7 Audio, a locally based service company, to design and install the new system.

24/7 Audio owner Mike Ho specified RCF TTL11-A active steerable column arrays, and when completed, the entire venue only required two systems with two presets to service all sound source requirements, including live music and a DJ on weekends.

“I heard a demo of this system at RCF’s headquarters in Italy, and was so blown away that I couldn't wait to use it," explains Ho. "Since the requirement at Kitchen & Bar was multifunctional, this presented the ideal opportunity.”

The system is composed of two modules, TTL11A-H for the mid-high and TTL11A-B for the bass frequencies. It is run with a separate a separate sub bass extension and is digitally steerable down to -10 degrees.

Since the system is used for live artists, DJ, various live playback devices and a pianist at a grand piano, Ho has judiciously processed the sound with two different presets—one for daytime, the other for after dark.

“The TTL11-A provides a unique solution. I would have hung 20 or more conventional speakers to produce a result that delivers coverage to all four corners of this huge restaurant," he explains. "People are telling me they don't even notice the speakers because they are so discreet."