imgSydney, Australia (October 9, 2014)—Nick Irving, owner of Studio One Flight Up in Sydney, Australia, has installed a 32-channel API 1608 console, fitted with 24 API 550A EQs and eight 560 EQs.

A self-proclaimed ‘analog-minded person,’ Irving works with independent singers, songwriters and musicians. Deb Sloss of Studio Connections Australia recommended the API. Said Irving, “Computers make great multi-track recorders, but for the actual work of recording and mixing sessions, I need to be ‘hands-on’.”

Studio One Flight Up uses the 1608 for both recording and mixing needs. “My sounds just get better and better now that I have an API console. Switching the metering between input and direct out is fantastic and very useful. Having buttons to engage the insert points is also a great and useful feature.”

Now that the studio renovations are complete, Irving is recording and collaborating on an album with Grammy award-winner Myles Heskett (ex-Wolfmother). “It is proving to be lots of fun. We're really enjoying working on the API console. Everything I've done on it sounds fantastic—solid, crisp, clear.”