imgLas Vegas, NV (June 20, 2014)—The largest-ever InfoComm show in Las Vegas closes today, and whether they were here for the full week or a condensed day or two, 37,000 AV professionals from all over the world have been sharing best practices with each other in the hallways, classrooms and exhibitors’ booths. When, figuratively speaking, the bell tolls to mark the end of each day’s exhibit floor hours, the action continues outside the Convention Center when attendees meet up at various exhibitor-sponsored social events dotting the nightlife calendar.

“It’s reaffirming and continuing to define our industry as an industry,” David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, InfoComm Executive Director and CEO said of the show experience. “It’s reconnecting with people of like mind and meeting new people that bring new creativity—new innovation—to you.

“It’s Christmas morning,” Labuskes added. “When you think back to a holiday morning, you’re not thinking about what was in the box; you’re thinking about the excitement and the laughter and the sharing and the camaraderie and emotion and love and the family—and that’s what InfoComm is.”

As visitors walk the exhibition floor, a few trends have become so prevalent that it's not hard to see where at least the near-future is heading. The first, of course, is IP-enabled products. From displays to surge protectors, everything is going on the network and everything can be monitored remotely. This is exciting and important because it provides pro-AV integrators with a compelling and useful source of recurring revenue. It also introduces all sorts of options for power management and energy efficiency. Yes, the future of AV is greener, and remote monitoring has arrived in full.

Second, aesthetics have come to the forefront in a big way. The days of hiding racks in closets are behind us—or can be if you want them to be. A huge emphasis is being placed on hidden, retractable cables and through-table and floor boxes—integrating with architecture and design is no longer an eyesore.

Third, all-inclusive solutions to conferencing and collaboration are everywhere. With the furniture, displays and cables already integrated into so many solutions on the show floor, it is now easier than ever to bring these technologies to small businesses for which this technology would have previously been cost-prohibitive.

The InfoComm show doesn’t end with today’s closing session when the carpets get rolled up and booth tear-down begins. There’s plenty more where this came from, no matter an attendee’s point of origin, in the form of roundtables, conferences and new shows all over the global map. “We have shows around the world—there’s 110 countries represented here. Many of them have shows much closer to them that they can go to,” Labuskes said.

The next event, TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Mexico, takes place in Mexico City, August 20-22, followed by the Sydney-hosted Integrate 2014, August 26-28. Then Mumbai will host InfoComm India from September 17-19. At the same time, AV Executive Conference (AVEC) will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Also coming down the pike will be two brand new regional trade shows—in Philadelphia on October 22-23 and San Jose on March 4-5.