Photo courtesy of Middle Atlantic
Las Vegas, NV (June 20, 2014)—At InfoComm, the second annual Women in Technology event was held Thursday morning in the LVH, celebrating the accomplishments of women in the AV industry and encouraging them to continue to push for an even stronger female presence moving forward. The event also provided an opportunity for women within the AV industry to network with other professionals in their field.

“I wanted to come here and see what I could do to better myself in my field and find better ways to represent women and learn more about how to achieve that,” said Dyan Warren of ProSound, Inc., and one of the hundred or so attendees at the event.

“It’s an intriguing subject [women in technology], and I saw it as an opportunity to extend my network more. Plus there’s a comfort you feel when meeting with other women in your industry,” added Peggy O’Keefe, a professor at New York University.

Working off recommendations from last year’s inaugural event, the program was held as a breakfast versus an all-day event, allowing participants to attend without losing time on the show floor. Johanne Belanger, president of Freeman AV Canada and InfoComm’s first female president in 35 years, kicked off the event with a short discussion on the accomplishments of women within InfoComm over the past year.

“InfoComm has made progress in becoming more inclusive for women,” said Belanger. “However, women still remain under represented in the AV field, but there are ways to help.”

Belanger said the first thing women can do is act as a mentor for other women in the industry, and encourage them to come to the show to gain more knowledge on their profession, and to continue to pass that on to future female employees.

Sam Horn of The Intrigue Agency also provided a motivational workshop for the group on how to effectively communicate an idea, whether it’s a product pitch or brainstorming for a new innovation.

“I attended the event last year and really enjoyed the speakers,” said Lorrie Morrow of Audio Visual Resources. “I was looking forward to hearing Sam speak, and this was a great opportunity to get together.”