imgLas Vegas, NV (April 8, 2014)—At the 2014 NAB Show, Barix is introducing a new strategy to create more efficient operations for private radio networks and content providers: fewer separate pieces and more complete solutions. 
Barix is presenting two new solutions for in-store radio deployments that eliminate the device-centric philosophy of its previous-generation solutions, while aiming to provide new operational efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities.

Store & Play is a hardware and software solution for scheduled playout of music and advertising with automatic content updates. Overall, the new Store & Play delivers download speeds approaching 100 times faster, as well as improved system memory to preserve quality of playback through demanding processing actions. Additionally, a built-in MicroSD card eliminates theft of monetized content, while built-in precision clock timing ensures that playback schedules remain intact in the event of network outages.

SoundScape, unveiled in February, allows private radio networks to manage audio distribution over IP networks, offering a centralized management portal and audio players at multiple locations. Users can manage, configure and group SoundScape audio players, schedule content and monitor device status network-wide. SoundScape adds in-store radio flexibility through support of live streams and stored content playback over the same network, with switching between the two applications. Both options support targeted, location-based advertising insertions that fade in and out of music programs.