imgJersey City, NJ (August 30, 2013)-The collection of sE Electronics products continues to grow at Big Blue Meenie Recording Studio, which is about to add a third pair of sE Munro Egg 150 monitors.

Owner Tim Gilles and the engineering staff at New Jersey-based Big Blue Meenie Recording Studio (featured in the September 2013 issue of PSN) are such fans of sE Electronics products that the three-room facility frequently expands its collection of their monitors and microphones. Two pairs of sE Munro Egg 150 monitors will soon become three, according to Gilles, who also reports that numerous models of sE microphones are in constant use at the facility.

Gilles has a strong affinity for Rupert Neve-designed audio products, so it's not surprising that sE RNR1 and RN17 microphones top his list of favorites from the company. "Those are both really, seriously good pieces of technology. They get used all the time," says Gilles. "The 17s are the go-to overhead mic here; the RNR1s are the go-to room mics. Since we've gotten these mics, which was roughly the turn of the year, they have been used on about 30 records."

sE Munro Egg monitors, too, are in constant use at the facility, which has been in its present building in Jersey City since 1999, following its relocation from Hackensack, NJ. "We have two pairs of the Eggs, in studio A and B, and I'm going to get a third pair for Studio C," reports Gilles.

"Here's my favorite thing about the Eggs-the sound! I've found that I like the sound of the Eggs and, additionally, the switchable mid-frequency EQ settings-Soft, Hard, Reference (0)-also make them very flexible", adds Gilles. "They're like having three monitors in one."

Gilles also adds that the Eggs are less susceptible to room acoustics than other monitors. "In a perfect world there would be a set of sE Eggs on the desks of everybody I work with."

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