(Left to right): Kenny Kaiser, Luke Purchase, Al Woods, Ben Kowalewicz (lead vocals, Billy Talent), Bob Strakele
New York, NY (May 23, 2013)—Canadian pop-punk group Billy Talent recently wrapped up an arena tour with Delicate Productions providing the main PA, which consisted of Martin Audio’s MLA system. The four-piece band, consisting of Ben Kowalewicz (lead vocals), Ian D’Sa (lead guitar), Jon Gallant (bass) and Aaron Solowoniuk (drums), employed long-time collaborators Metal Works to run monitors and FOH during the tour.

The main PA was comprised of 14 Martin Audio MLA cabinets and one MLD (downfill) flown on each side of the stage with 12 W8LC per side for left and right side PA, 12 MLX subs floor-stacked and eight W8LM cabinets along the downstage edge for in-fill/out-fill. Martin Audio MA 4.2 amplifiers were used to power the side and infill/outfill systems.

Crew for the show included Bob Strakele (FOH engineer) and Matt Blakely (Production manager/monitor engineer) from the band, Al Woods (Audio crew chief), Kenny Kaiser (MLA tech) from Delicate and Luke Purchase (FOH/monitor tech) from Metal Works.

Martin Audio