Legacy United Methodist Church recently had Bose Professional Systtems RoomMatch components installed.
Bismark, ND (April 2, 2014)—Legacy United Methodist Church added a new new worship space in fall 2013. Tackling the audio install for the new facility was Bismarck-based A/V firm Dakota Sound Systems, Inc., which installed a system with Bose Professional Systems RoomMatch loudspeakers.

“This project was several years in the making,” notes Jay Griffin, vice president and co-owner of Dakota Sound Systems. “Originally, the plan was different, and we had an entirely separate system specified. The project was shelved for a time and reworked, and when we revisited things, the church made it clear that they wanted the best and latest system. This was the perfect opportunity to install our first RoomMatch system. We put together a model of the system for the decision-makers at the church, and it was clear that this would be the right fit for the space and the church’s worship needs.”

The final system sports a middle array of RoomMatch RM12040 and RM9020 modules (one unit each), with two RM9060 modules, one on either side of the center array. Processing is handled by a Bose ControlSpace ESP-00 Series II engineered sound processor, and a Bose PowerMatch PM8500 power amplifier handles amplification for the system (an additional PM4250 amplifier powers a separate system in the church’s fellowship area).

The church’s Worship Pastor Dan Weigel, who leads music ministry, stated, “We had a complication with some rafters potentially getting in the way of the dispersion, but Dakota Sound personnel were able to quickly compensate using Bose Modeler® software. Everything is now dialed in perfectly, and it offers us exactly what we need for our style of music and worship. And moving forward, it is versatile enough to handle just about anything we could throw at it, application-wise.”

Bose Professional Systems Division