imgFramingham, MA (July 30, 2014)—The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the oldest continuously operating shipyard in the US Navy and home to the memorial to the USS Squalus submarine, recently installed a Bose Professional Panaray MA12EX Full-Range Modular Line Array to help support the occasional ceremonies held near the memorial.

Installed at the shipyard last year by Power Sound of New England, a New England-based systems integrator, the system comprises 27 Panaray modules configured in nine triple-stack speaker combinations, each mounted to a 16-foot, custom fabricated and removable pole. A second phase of the project was completed in April, when eight Panaray MA12EX modules were attached individually to the vertical posts supporting the life rails on the Squalus Memorial, which is the upper deck and conning tower of the submarine USS Squalus. The speakers are zoned so that all can be used to cover the largest events; the set of Panaray MA12EX speakers that cover Workers Park across from the Squalus Memorial have a zone of their own, and the newly installed MA12EX speakers on the Memorial can be used either as a separate subsystem or as part of the larger main system.

The first-phase installation was complex, according to Troy D. Jennings, Technical Design Specialist and GM for Power Sound of New England. “Hundreds of feet of home-run cabling were installed underground in one-inch PVC conduit to each speaker location,” he explained. “It was also "all hands on deck" at Power Sound of New England to get this project accomplished by the time the weather turned cold enough to freeze the ground, and more importantly to accommodate the shipyard's annual Christmas concert.”

In the past, says Jennings, “Multiple conventional two-way speaker boxes on stands were used to cover this difficult configuration, and there were always issues with listeners who were close to the speakers getting an earful and those farther away not getting quite enough.” So, for the new, permanently installed sound system design, Power Sound selected the MA12EX loudspeakers. “The advantage of these line-array speakers is that they cover so evenly, not just from side to side but most importantly, up-close and far away, Another advantage of using the Panaray loudspeakers is that their slim-line profile blends so well with the serene environment that they are barely noticeable.”

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