The new 600-seat worship space for Auburn, Indiana’s Dayspring Community Church, featuring a RoomMatch system from Bose Professional Systems. 
Auburn, IN (April 25, 2014)—The Dayspring Community Church in Auburn, IN recently created a new 600-seat worship space in Auburn, Indiana, bringing in Andrew Van Veld, President and Owner of Fort Wayne-based firm Circle City Audio, to help it find the right sound system.

Circle City Audio designed and installed a sound system for Dayspring Community Church consisting of two Bose RM9020 loudspeaker modules, a pair of RM12040 loudspeaker modules and two RMS215 subwoofers, all powered by a trio of Bose PowerMatch PM8500N power amplifiers and managed with the Bose ControlSpace ESP-00 engineered sound processor. “We did a live A/B comparison of Bose RoomMatch with another system, then recreated the actual room in Bose Modeler software [and] they were convinced — this was the sound system for them,” said Van Veld. Due to the software’s specific dispersion pattern choices, it also eliminated the need for and cost of acoustical treatment materials on the church’s walls.

Van Veld stated, “During the live demo, the church’s business manager played guitar, the worship pastor played drums and I played bass, so we could all experience what the RoomMatch system would sound like in that environment. When they heard it that way, they were sold. They loved it.”

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