imgFramingham, MA (March 25, 2013)—Concerned with the sound levels of its music venue disturbing nearby residences, the Cedar Street Courtyard music venue in Austin, TX installed Bose RoomMatch loudspeakers and PowerMatch amplifiers to control the sound.

Nashville-based consultant Steve Durr was called in to recommend a sound system that would keep the Courtyard competitive with the city’s many other music venues, while at the same time keeping the sound away from reflective surfaces, and keeping the energy channeled within the venue and away from neighboring residences.

Big House Sound was selected to install the system, which consisted of four RoomMatch loudspeakers: one RoomMatch RM7020 and RM7040 array module per side, each chosen specifically for the Cedar Street Courtyard’s dimensions, along with four Bose MB24 WR (weather-resistant) Modular Bass loudspeakers, all powered by three PowerMatch PM8500 amplifiers, all delivering 500 watts to each of their eight channels.

“The results were amazing,” said Zach Richards, Director of Installation at Big House Sound.  “The situation that this venue, this neighborhood, and this city found itself in is what made the Bose system a good solution. There are lots of new areas popping up where you now find clubs and homes in what was once a warehouse district, so there have to be ways to let them coexist. That’s what the Bose technology does – it lets us build a system that can help contain the sound without compromising its quality. The low-frequency control approach that Bose uses, along with the choice of 20 very specific coverage patterns in the RoomMatch line, lets us tailor the sound system to the venue very precisely. That means we can control the sound very effectively, and not just in the upper frequencies but well down into the mid-low frequency ranges.”

Bose Professional Systems Division