imgSharpsville, IN (January 8, 2013)—After completing the construction of a new sanctuary at Heartland Ministries in Sharpsville, Indiana, the staff hired Phil Mitchell, president of the Mitchell Design Group, to set up a system consisting of RoomMatch array modules from Bose Professional Systems Division.

The system at Heartland Ministries consists of two RoomMatch RM9010, two RM7010 and two RM12020 array modules, along with a pair of RMS215 subwoofers, hung in two arrays on either side of the room. These are powered by three PowerMatch PM8500 configurable professional power amplifiers and controlled by a ControlSpace ESP-88 engineered sound processor using a ControlSpace CC-64 remote LCD controller. The Mitchell Design Group of Carmel, Indiana, installed the system.

Mitchell, also a member of the Heartland Ministries congregation, had explored options to find the right fit that would provide the high degree of directional control he needed to keep the sound energy off of the highly reflective surfaces inside the church. “The church wanted a certain kind of look, and conventional line array systems simply can’t offer the level of pattern directionality that I needed to make this work,” he said.

Mitchell encountered the Bose RoomMatch system while attending the InfoComm Show in Orlando in June 2011. “With the other line array systems we looked at, it was their way or no way,” he says of the limited pattern focusing provided by other line arrays. “The RoomMatch loudspeakers were designed to let me choose from different coverage patterns and find the ones that perfectly fit this room’s shape and size.”

Mitchell was also happy with the loudspeaker array’s rigging system, which he describes as intuitive and well constructed. “The RoomMatch system gave us everything we needed, from designing the pattern coverage to hanging the system itself,” says Mitchell.

Bose Professional Systems Division