Cambridge, U.K. (November 30, 2015)—British DJ and producer Ben Westbeech, also known as Breach, has installed a Prism Sound Titan USB multi-track audio interface at his seven-room studio in Amsterdam.

Westbeech, who moved from London to Amsterdam two years ago and set up his own studio facility, decided to buy a Prism Sound Titan because he wanted to upgrade his sound card. "A friend of mine who also has a studio introduced me to the Prism Sound Titan and I was super impressed with the clarity and cleanness of its sound," he explains.

"Now that I have invested in this unit, I am recording in 96 kHz, which I wasn't doing before. I'm noticing that it is giving me a lot more headroom and depth of stereo field, and all of the synths and vocals I'm recording through it sound a lot better than they did with my previous soundcard. I'm getting some killer results."

He adds that using Titan for mixing allows him to hear lower and mid frequencies more accurately. "I work at a slightly lower level of monitoring now. I used to mix so loud, so that's a good thing for my ears. I love the clarity of sound that the Titan gives me."
Westbeech still uses commercial facilities, especially when he wants to record strings—he trained as a cellist—or larger ensembles. "The Dairy in Brixton or Kyteman in Utrecht are among my favorites, but I prefer to use my own studio as much as I can," he says. "Early this year, I produced and wrote my first album with a Manchester-based band called Everyone, which was really good fun. We recorded everything at my studio and it inspired me make the most of all my equipment."

Westbeech regularly commutes to the U.K. to record material for his BBC Radio 1 residency, which he presents as Breach.

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