imgEdmeston, NY (August 30, 2013)—Los Angeles-based Capitol Records Mastering recently upgraded to a mastering suite by Dangerous Music. The upgrade coincided with the renovation of mastering engineer Bob Vosgien’s studio at Capitol Records Mastering.

"The first piece of gear I was trying out was the Dangerous Monitor versus some other brands of monitor controllers,” commented Vosgien on the process of deciding which suite to select. “The sound of my mains improved so much using the Dangerous Monitor versus the monitor section in the console I was using previously, and it prompted me to tell everyone that we need to really get started updating our gear.”

Vosgien had a very carefully thought out plan to try the new prospective gear for his Capitol Mastering studio, starting with listening to projects he had already mastered in the past, "I'd have something that I mastered with my old setup, and then I would master it again using the same settings but implementing the Dangerous gear," explains Vosgien. "And then I'd master it again with another manufacturer's gear in the signal path. We got some equipment from other manufacturers too, another American company and one from Europe to compare, and slowly when I had time, I would audition the products. I ended up choosing the Dangerous gear, for sound quality and the mil-spec wiring, and the high quality stepped attenuators.”

Explaining the room redesign, Vosgien said "We basically took out the disk cutting console that's been here since about 1972. It's been modified many times over. We've got some great vintage Neve EQs in here that we kept, and the original first generation Sontec MES-430Bs that we kept. And I don't cut lacquers, there used to be a lathe in here when I came on board in 1998. We just wanted to streamline things, clean up our signal path and take out the extraneous gear that was not really being used."

When choosing the Dangerous Music products for his mastering setup, flexibility was also a key to the equipment, with the addition of the Dangerous Liaison programmable analog router, "I wanted flexibility in a console that would allow me to quickly audition different EQs and compressors when I am running down a mix. The Dangerous Music setup totally allows this luxury with the Liaison,” Vosgien said.

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