imgManila, Phillipines (July 8, 2014)—Christ's Commission Fellowship has become one of the world's mega-churches over the last three decades, and as befits an organization with thousands of worshipers around the globe, it now has a massive new world headquarters that includes a 10,000-seat chapel covered by a Renkus-Heinz loudspeaker system.

CCF Worship and Training Center's 750,000-square-foot building houses offices and aschool, a youth and sports center, the chapel, and a 2,000-seat overflow hall. Audio for the massive space was designed in part by Vance Breshears of the San Diego, CA offices of Acoustic Dimensions, and installed by Manila-based Joint Venture Sound, Light, and Entertainment Concepts.

The chapel’s main system comprises 36 Renkus-Heinz STLA/9R line array loudspeakers; frontfill is provided by 40 Sygma Series SG81-2R compact 8-inch two-way loudspeakers, with 12 DR18-2R dual 18-inch subwoofers covering low frequency reinforcement. Meanwhile, the 2,000-seat overflow hall is covered by a system of 16 CF101LA-52R compact modular point source line array speakers, with 26 more SG81-2R cabinets covering front fill. A quartet of DR18-2R subs handle the bottom end in the room. Renkus-Heinz senior VP Ralph Heinz and engineer KK Tan assisted with commissioning the system.
"The new CCF church headquarters is a breathtakingly beautiful architectural space, and Renkus-Heinz is proud to have been selected to provide the sound for their new, state-of-the-art chapels," remarked Ralph Heinz.
Renkus-Heinz, Inc.