imgBeijing, China (April 4, 2014)--CCTV, which broadcasts to over one billion viewers, has installed 100 TC Electronic DB8 MKII television transmission processors at its new facility in Beijing.

At the new location, CCTV has five identical control rooms, each of which is capable of handling 10 TV channels. Two DB8 MKII units are used for each channelÑone for processing and one as backupÑadding up to 20 units in each control room or 100 in total.

"We have inserted the DB8 MKII units into the signal chains of our broadcasting system and use them for loudness measuring as well as real-time loudness correction and upconversion from stereo to 5.1,"Êsays Jiang Ming, chief broadcast engineer at CCTV. "The units are used in live broadcast transmissions, so reliability is absolutely key.

"We used TC's DB4 units at the old CCTV site for years, and they never failed. Another important factor is that we want to control the loudness of the programs we broadcast, but at the same time, we do not want to sacrifice the audio quality. We brought in a lot of different processors and carried out comprehensive tests, and ultimately the DB8 MKII units proved to perform the best."

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