imgToronto, Canada (April 10, 2014)—Rock producer and engineer Richard Chycki has added a second SSL Sigma to his 5.1-capable mix facility, Street of Dreams, near Toronto.

“When I first heard about Sigma, I just knew it would be a great way of combining the work that I do in the workstation, with DAW-level controllability, and the SSL sound,” says Chycki. “I was in the midst of doing some mixes for Rush, a remix of a very old song called ‘La Villa Strangiato,’ and that became my acid test—to see if I could actually get that old analogue sound using modern technology and Sigma did it in spades! It was quite an enlightening experience.

“The idea came to expand with a second unit because in my mix style, I stem elements like background vocals and perhaps some keyboards, but I prefer to leave most elements, especially drums, as discrete as possible. So, I end up with quite a number of mono sources. Having two Sigmas is the answer, essentially making the system more console-like, where more of the mix is happening outside of the box.”

Solid State Logic