imgLos Angeles, CA (June 4, 2014)—Chris Lord-Alge has installed Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 monitors for critical listening at his Mix LA! recording studios. "I need monitors that are non-complimentary," says the music producer and recording/mix engineer. "I need monitors that don't make it sound better, that make it sound accurate, with no hype."

"My introduction to Barefoot monitors started back when I was mixing Green Day’s 21st Century album," he continues. "It was produced by Butch Vig, a Barefoot fan. He brought the monitors here and we set them up in my live room, pretty much exactly where I have my Barefoots now. That became the band's critical monitoring space. They had recorded the tracks in Oakland with their big MM12 Barefoot monitors and I got used to hearing the mixes here on my Barefoots."

Lord-Alge first gained attention while working at Unique Recording Studios, New York City, in the 1980s. He has focused on mixing since the late 1990s, resulting in an extensive production discography.

"When I did my first seminar at ‘Mixing with the Masters’ over in France, they had MicroMain 27 monitors on the console and they became the go-to big speaker for me. I stuck with them pretty much the whole seminar and mixed many a song on them," he recalls.

"In my studio, I have a variety of monitors," he explains, "but I have created an alternate monitor location that engages the listener to focus 100 percent on dead center, perfect situation listening. Feet up on the couch, ears open, off you go. By putting them in that scenario, the monitors are non-complimentary and make you focus in on the details. The Barefoot monitors give me a place to judge my mixes and a place for my clients to actually enjoy the mixes."

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