imgAlameda, CA (January 31, 2013)—Clear-Com has been sponsoring the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, supplying the crew with HME DX210 digital wireless intercom for its productions and workshops.

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit mobile audio and HD video production facility that travels across the U.S. and Canada, offering songwriting and multimedia production workshops to young people. At each destination, the production setup of the bus changes to accommodate the varying needs, levels of skill and interests of the school and community.

"Lennon Bus productions and livestreams are fast-paced.  We can get only one shot or take, so it is critical that we can speak to each other quietly, yet still be heard and understood on the other end," says Ryan L'Esperance, producer and engineer for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. "The audio quality of the DX210 is phenomenal. We're able to hear each other clearly on the system in any environment, whether in the most intimate of settings or in a loud place."

The DX210 base station is installed in the front studio of the bus, or at the front-of-house position for external live broadcasts. The majority of the crewmembers utilize the BP210 beltpacks in conjunction with the video switcher on the Clear-Com WH210 all-in-one wireless headset. The DX210's external audio input permits crewmembers to take the program output of their broadcast and feed it into the intercom so that they can hear the program as well as their cues.