Recently named inMusic Senior VP, Marketing & Product Management, Costa Lakoumentas has been tasked with overseeing the Denon Professional and Marantz Professional brands.
LAS VEGAS, NV—While the booth appearance was similar to that of events past, InfoComm 2014 was the first tradeshow with Marantz Professional and Denon Professional brands exhibiting as part of the inMusic family of brands. Newly appointed senior VP, Marketing & Product Management, Costa Lakoumentas, offered Pro Sound News insight into the future of the two established installation and contractor gear brands.

Deeply involved in the DJ equipment market as the manufacturers of the Numark line, the availability of Denon DJ was what first put a potential deal on the radar of Jack O’Donnell, owner and CEO, inMusic. That’s according to industry veteran Lakoumentas, who was brought in analyze the IP and unique technologies of the two professional sister brands, and to chart a path for development and growth.

Denon Professional and Marantz Professional products traditionally deliver three main capabilities to fixed audio installation applications (with some spill into other markets such as broadcast and portable recording), says Lakoumentas, with the hardware serving as program sources, handling signal management and for recording. A key capability to add, he says, whatever the application, is ensuring the hardware is ready to use, out of the box.

“When media was physical,” says Lakoumentas, “we needed a player that was compatible.” While Denon Professional and Marantz Professional will not be leaving the physical media space, he says the brands will be embracing many different delivery vehicles, including networked audio and internet-delivered content, as well as adding video capabilities. “To this point, it’s been audio-focused,” he says, but “it’s a completely converged world.”

Lakoumentas calls the brands “enablers” for their users, and the goal is to build on that reputation, delivering “a value proposition that’s overwhelming.” New products will be delivered quickly, with a “first mover” mentality. “That’s how you own a category,” says Lakoumentas. “By next year,” he promises new products that are more affordable, with connectivity simplicity.
Denon Professional/Marantz Professional