(l-r) Dylan Ford, live audio assistant; Kent Ford, audio design/ consultant; Shawn Hamilton, reality mixer; John Carlyle, reality mixer and intercom; John Lacina, live FOH; Peter Stoynich, reality mixer; and Jenna Lacina, live audio assistant/intern.
Toronto, Canada (July 31, 2014)—Dialogue on Big Brother Canada is captured 24/7 by Countryman Associates B3 omnidirectional lavaliere microphones, which are maintained by the contestants.

“It’s important to recognize that contestants are isolated in the house, without access to television, radio or the internet,” explained Toronto-based audio designer/operator and consultant Kent Ford, a key production staffer on the reality TV show. “They are not permitted routine communication with the outside world, and this includes the show’s production staff. Once outfitted with their microphones, they handle tasks such as battery replacement and other technical aspects that enable us to monitor their activities. Because of this ‘hands off’ approach, it’s absolutely essential that all the equipment—especially the microphones—be extremely durable while staying out of sight. It was this very need for robust, reliable performance that led us to use the Countryman B3 mics.”

Ford continued, “We have 15 Countryman B3 microphones on the set, and because of the necessity of having to devise a system that would not only be low-profile visually, but also be durable and well-suited to the activities that take place in the house, all of the contestants were outfitted with a B3 lav that was integrated into a versatile necklace. We were extremely fortunate to have the assistance of Countryman’s technical and engineering departments, which helped us deploy a system that could handle everything the contestants would encounter.”

For the show, Ford and his crew deployed the CountrymanB3 necklace mount, which consists of two adjustable clamps with set screws and a length of high-strength cord. In addition, a number of the Countryman B3 microphones are used as plant mics around the pool, kitchen, and other wet areas.

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