imgMenlo Park, CA (May 22, 2013)—Tasked with the challenge of capturing the sound of a new water-powered jetpack, HartFX, LLC of Orlando, FL elected to use the water-resistant Countryman B6 lavaliere microphone.

The French-engineered FlyBoard uses a wakeboard-like base and two hand-held nozzles that, when pulled by a personal watercraft, enables one to fly and perform a wide range of motions. AOL Auto's Translogic decided to create a demonstration video to be shown at their technology showcase. The challenging task of capturing close-up sound for the video was contracted to HartFX, a company specializing in providing sound effects libraries and editorial for films and video games.

According to Colin Hart, president, HartFX, both people featured in the video were outfitted with the Countryman B6. "Since this video took place on the water in what can well be described as a new extreme sport, I needed a high-quality microphone that could withstand being submerged to capture the sounds of the activity. The Countryman B6 offers a wonderful, customizable sound by way of its interchangeable frequency response caps, and its submersible design made it perfect for this project. Equally important, to ensure the microphone and wireless transmitter wouldn't hinder the demonstrator, the microphone's extremely small size made it a great choice to be mated with the Lectrosonics SMa beltpack wireless transmitter."

He continued, "I placed the B6 capsule in the rider's helmet under a foam pad which was positioned right above the rider's forehead. Because the mic was buried under a dense layer of foam, I used the Crisp cap so as to maintain high frequency performance... The Lectrosonics SMa transmitter that was in an Aquapac 158 waterproof pouch and hidden inside the rider's life vest."

Hart reports being an avid fan of Countryman microphones: "I also own several Countryman EMW omni classic lavaliere mics and a couple of ISOMAX 2-H audience and choir mics."

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