imgTexas (April 23, 2013)—If Technomad’s all-weather speakers are an unusual choice for a house of worship audio system, well, that puts it in line with everything else about the Cowboy Fellowship Church in southern Texas, perhaps the only worship facility in the world with an adjoining 2,800-seat live event venue that hosts rodeos and bull-riding clinics.
The venue opened in 2012 without a professional sound system, using standard stage equipment to produce and amplify audio.  The church soon hired Buster Burch as facilities administrator, who specified and installed an advanced audio system to cover the entire arena in a more consistent manner. Burch researched various options and purchased a Technomad Turnkey PA System that included four loudspeakers and four subwoofers along with a complete audio headend.
“I wanted to put together a system that looked good, sounded good and would last,” said Burch. “Our philosophy is that it’s worth putting extra money into something that we know will last a long time. This system isn’t just for us; it’s for future generations.”
The system is unusual in that each Technomad Berlin loudspeaker, mounted 20 feet off the ground, is accompanied by a Technomad Oslo subwoofer mounted 10 feet directly below. The Berlin and the Oslo are the most powerful loudspeaker and subwoofer models in the company’s portfolio. “I had a real desire for bass in this venue, as bass is what suffers the most when you work outside,” said Burch. “If I am showing a video of a fireworks display, I want everyone in the stands to hear and feel that boom. The Oslo gives me exactly what we needed out of the bass at the low end. I’m very pleased.”
“We’ve had several events, and the audience feedback is that the audio is crisp and clear and not overly loud,” said Burch. “I’ve had people tell me that they don’t hear the normal delay and bounceback common in other arenas. The system works together as one giant loudspeaker to deliver audio across the entire bleachers. I have true high-end and plenty of low-end and mid response. And the sound envelope per speaker is incredibly large.”
Typical venue events include team ropings, steer ropings, bull riding clinics, and ranch rodeos featuring men and women. Birch adds that the church plans to hold more live concerts moving forward

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