imgEdmeston, NY (January 22, 2014)—Dan Black, an internationally acclaimed solo artist, composer and producer based in Paris, recently added a Dangerous Source monitor controller to his studio setup.

Although Black has a very nice recording and mixing setup, his previous monitoring control was not great. "Only upon receiving the Dangerous Source did I realize how weak the link was! I was in a space that I had been working in for a while, and everything else was the same except the monitor controller. I noticed a profound improvement in detail when I added the Source—being able to hear problems and overall a much more pleasant listening experience. I write mainly, so a lot of what I do is listen to the same thing a thousand times and the Source makes that a lot less taxing."

Black has also experienced an improvement in audio quality when monitoring on headphones with the Source. "I instantly heard lots of detail, the Source made the music instantly a lot less fatiguing. I am also able to work at a lower volume and still be 'into the vibe' of the track. I'm able to work constructively without having to ramp up the volume, I can stay at the same volume for a long time and still feel like I am hearing everything. It's actually quite important, with my ears being quite important to my job!"

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