(L-R) Wheaton College Music Producer Brian Porick and Event Producer Kerry J. Haps
Wheaton, IL (March 6, 2014)—Wheaton College recently upgraded the sound system for its 2,400-seat auditorium in the school’s Edman Chapel to a d&b audiotechnik Q-Series system.

“We needed a high-tech system that could work for a wide range of venue needs. Looking for a small-format line array, with under ninety degree horizontal coverage maintained below 1000 Hz, d&b audiotechnik was really the only choice,” explained Jonathan Laney, principal consultant, Threshold Acoustics.

The team reached out to d&b Sales partner Audio Logic Systems for help on the project. Senior designer Jason Kartak helped custom create a system to specifically target Wheaton’s acoustic requirements.

“We used elements from the d&b Q-Series to reduce reflections and focus the energy towards the audience, not the walls. To reduce visual impact, we paired the loudspeakers with 27A-Sub cardioid subwoofers, a much smaller physical presence than three Q-Subs in cardioid mode. We actually rigged the two components together and custom-built white boxes to best fit the space allotted,” explained Kartak. The system also uses d&b E8 loudspeakers for the side and choir fills, 8S loudspeakers for the front fills and 12S-D for balcony delays.

Upon the completion of the project, Wheaton College Music Producer, Brian Porick, commented, “We’ve always had a strong music program here at Wheaton College. However, depending on your seat in the house, the sound quality was poor and inconsistent. Now any seat in Edman Chapel offers a smooth and natural sound.”

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