imgBacknang, Germany (July 10, 2014)—Loudspeaker manufacturing company d&b audiotechnik has appointed Amnon Harman to CEO, where he will be responsible for further development and implementation of the company’s strategies moving forward.

Prior to joining d&b, Harman was an independent consultant. From 2006 to 2012, he served as Chairman of the Management Board of AUGUSTA Technologie AG, an international technology company focused on niche markets for optical sensor technology and digital image processing. Previously, he was a member of the Management Board and COO at SUSE Linux AG, where he took over the position as vice president and COO of the EMEA region after a sale to Novell Inc., a specialist for network and internet software products. Harman holds degrees in industrial engineering and aeronautical engineering, both from Munich University of Applied Sciences.

“I look forward to being a part of this development, supporting the growth strategy and contributing to the further success of the company,” said Harman. “d&b has an admirable reputation in the market for professional sound reinforcement systems and is uniquely positioned to benefit from the growing requirements for cutting edge technology at concerts and large events. The product portfolio has been continuously expanded in recent years and combined with the founding of subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Japan, has paved the way for the internationalization of the company.”

D&b audiotechnik